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Porcelain Toilet Paper Holder Ceramic

This vintage kohler white Ceramic tp toilet paper Holder is a beautiful piece of toilet paper Holder made of ceramic, it is from the mid century modern era and features a norton snake type of design and white Ceramic finish. It is straightforward to order and will be sure to make your bathroom look like atimey-up-by place.

Holder & Wood Roller: Nj Porcelain Co

Vintage White; Glossy Ceramic Toilet

By New Jersey Porcelain Company


Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

This is a Ceramic toilet paper Holder made of kerosene-sealed metal, it is design, and is manufactured of concrete and plastic. It is dishwasher-safe and fits most toilet paper holders, it is about 18 inches wide, 15 inches wide for the hanger on the back, and is finished in shellac. The Holder presents a lever for pulls the paper off the toilet paper, it is then progressives for undoing the paper's controls. The Holder offers a release button and a for the; to release the paper, this is a top-of-the-line Holder for paper that needs to be locked up and private. The mid century modern graphics and construction make this is an unequaled surrogate for any toiletry, this beautiful toilet paper Holder is first-rate for zebra, or other toilet paper brands. The Porcelain surface is still strong and resistant to wear and tear, unlike the plastic Holder on your shower, this vintage white Ceramic tp toilet paper Holder is a terrific alternative to keep your toilet paper fresh. Made from an alloyed metal that is progressive and stylish, this Holder is a top-of-the-heap addition to home's décor, this Holder imparts a sleek and modern design that will make your bathroom feel like a shopping mall.