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Hall Mack Recessed Toilet Paper Holder Vintage

This unique toilet paper Holder was created in 1978 by Hall mack, it is a Recessed toilet paper Holder with a chrome top and a hallmarked logo. The Holder is from the early 20 th century and is in excellent condition, it is 675 chrome with a hallmarked 675 logo.

Hall Mack Recessed Toilet Paper Holder Vintage Ebay

This is a first-class Vintage toilet paper Holder for your bathroom, the Hall Mack bathroom paper Holder is in the box new condition. It is 8, 5 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and provides a Recessed seat for added stability. This Holder is outstanding for keeping your toilet paper in place or for holding used items, this Hall Mack Recessed toilet paper Holder is a beautiful, Vintage style. It is fabricated from brass and is designed to hold a generous amount of toilet paper, it is rosewood center top with brass hardware and a leopard design on the holder. It is otherwise in top-rated condition, this Recessed toilet paper Holder is a beautiful, Vintage style! It is fabricated of brass, and imparts Recessed toilet paper holder. It is designed, with a plunging ladder system to ensure stability while in use, it is an enticing addition to room, and is top-rated for holding different types of toilet paper! This Hall Mack Recessed toilet is a lovely example of a gold Recessed soap fountain holder. It is fitted with reed leaf design and is Recessed so the soap appears and disappears like a liquid, the Hall Mack renders a nice, modernised Recessed soap dish and faucet. This piece is top-of-the-heap for any modernise, and orgasmic moments.