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Charmin Toilet Paper Extender

If you're scouring for an extra roll of toilet paper, or an extra needed spot to add on the seat, these Extender rolls are the alternative to go! They're comfortable to operate and work with Charmin rolls perfectly, they're 3-pack and fit up to mega mouths or super rolls.

Roll Extender Holds Mega & Super Mega Rolls New
Extender Allows Mega Rolls To Fit Most Holders Nos


By Charmin


Free Toilet Paper Roll Extender

The Charmin toilet paper roll Extender is a holding structure for rolls of toilet paper, it is fabricated of sturdy materials and offers a spindle form for straightforward on-off. The Extender is likewise adjustable to tailor different rolls, this Charmin toilet paper holder Extender is a must-have for any toilet that wants to keep your toilet paper on top of the paper. This holder increases the amount of toilet paper by at least 30% or more, it is a new, never original product and renders a mega super rolls design. It is unrivalled for suitors with small bathrooms or who have smaller bathrooms for space, Charmin toilet paper Extender is an unique product that allows you to add extra toilet paper to your toiletry. This toilet paper Extender is manufactured of metal and extends a long life, it is exquisite for use in areas with limited space. This is an enticing toilet paper Extender for use in you will be holding the rolls of toilet paper, it as well unequaled for rolls of paper that are large and have a lot of content. This will hold that information in place for future uses.